SIM7080G GSM Board

                            SIM7080G  GSM  Board

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Connection with serial module:
About the USB cable, you can make one as below
Note: you need install driver for serial module and need switch it to 3.3V
Power supply: DC5V-18V, when you use 5V, the current need above 1A

Here we used power bank with 5V 1A output to power the SIM7080G Board

You can use SSCOM or other serial port software
Choose COM port and set BaudRate to 115200
Send AT Command

SIM7080G works with Arduino UNO.
First, you need set the baudrate to 9600( connect SIM7080G module with serial module to set it)
Send AT Command AT+IPR=9600;&W

When it shows OK, that means the BaudRate already set from 115200 to 9600
Just in case, you can choose BaudRate 9600 and send AT to test

Connection with Arduino UNO:
SIM7080G        Arduino
TXD               RX(0)
V_MCU             5V
RXD               TX(1)
GND               GND
5V                5V

Upload code, code name is SIM7000X _test.ino
Open serial monitor window, it will show:




SIM800L Flash Firmware

We will flash SIM800H firmware to this module, firmware download link:

We download this firmware:

SIM800L Module Pinout:

Connection: ( Here, I power it with 3.7V lithium battery, you can

power it with DC power supply too)

SIM800L            CP2102                  3.7V battery

VCC                                                          Positive

RST                                                         Negative

TX                             RX

RX                            TX

GND                       GND                      Negative

Note: RST need connect with switch and negative of battery

After connected, the blue LED of the SIM800L will blink fast.

Flash tool download link:

After download, please install flash tool:

Open flash tool, and make setting as below and choose the firmware file :

About the COM port, please check it in your computer’s device manager.

Click Start Download, then press the switch, it will begin to download

It need download several files, and will take a few minutes

When downloading, the TX and USBGND LED of CP2102 serial port module will turn on, LED of SIM800L will turn off.

If you see this message, just click OK

Once click OK, it will show this, that means success.

Remove RST cable and open serial port software, you can send ATI and AT command, then you will see below message:

Reference link:

Firmware download link: (please download SIM800H)


Note: If this firmware can not flash success, you can download other firmware  and try.