Arduino MPU-6050 Accelerometer Gyro Sensor

   Arduino MPU-6050 Accelerometer Gyro Sensor

 What you need:
1PCS Arduino UNO R3
1PCS USB Cable
1PCS MPU-6050 Accelerometer Gyro Sensor
5P Female to Male Dupont Cable


// MPU-6050 Short Example Sketch

// By Arduino User JohnChi

// August 17, 2014

// Public Domain


const int MPU_addr=0x68;  // I2C address of the MPU-6050

int16_t AcX,AcY,AcZ,Tmp,GyX,GyY,GyZ;

void setup(){



Wire.write(0x6B);  // PWR_MGMT_1 register

Wire.write(0);     // set to zero (wakes up the MPU-6050)




void loop(){


Wire.write(0x3B);  // starting with register 0x3B (ACCEL_XOUT_H)


Wire.requestFrom(MPU_addr,14,true);  // request a total of 14 registers<<8|;  // 0x3B (ACCEL_XOUT_H) & 0x3C (ACCEL_XOUT_L)<<8|;  // 0x3D (ACCEL_YOUT_H) & 0x3E (ACCEL_YOUT_L)<<8|;  // 0x3F (ACCEL_ZOUT_H) & 0x40 (ACCEL_ZOUT_L)<<8|;  // 0x41 (TEMP_OUT_H) & 0x42 (TEMP_OUT_L)<<8|;  // 0x43 (GYRO_XOUT_H) & 0x44 (GYRO_XOUT_L)<<8|;  // 0x45 (GYRO_YOUT_H) & 0x46 (GYRO_YOUT_L)<<8|;  // 0x47 (GYRO_ZOUT_H) & 0x48 (GYRO_ZOUT_L)

Serial.print(“AcX = “); Serial.print(AcX);

Serial.print(” | AcY = “); Serial.print(AcY);

Serial.print(” | AcZ = “); Serial.print(AcZ);

Serial.print(” | Tmp = “); Serial.print(Tmp/340.00+36.53);  //equation for temperature in degrees C from datasheet

Serial.print(” | GyX = “); Serial.print(GyX);

Serial.print(” | GyY = “); Serial.print(GyY);

Serial.print(” | GyZ = “); Serial.println(GyZ);




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Arduino Sound Detection Sensor

What you need:
1PCS Arduino UNO R3
1PCS Sound Detection Sensor
3P Female to Male Dupont Cable

Pin Outs:



//Henry’s Bench

//Arduino Sound Detection Sensor Module


int soundDetectedPin = 10; // Use Pin 10 as our Input

int soundDetectedVal = HIGH; // This is where we record our Sound Measurement

boolean bAlarm = false;


unsigned long lastSoundDetectTime; // Record the time that we measured a sound



int soundAlarmTime = 500; // Number of milli seconds to keep the sound alarm high



void setup ()



pinMode (soundDetectedPin, INPUT) ; // input from the Sound Detection Module


void loop ()


soundDetectedVal = digitalRead (soundDetectedPin) ; // read the sound alarm time


if (soundDetectedVal == LOW) // If we hear a sound



lastSoundDetectTime = millis(); // record the time of the sound alarm

// The following is so you don’t scroll on the output screen

if (!bAlarm){

Serial.println(“LOUD, LOUD”);

bAlarm = true;





if( (millis()-lastSoundDetectTime) > soundAlarmTime  &&  bAlarm){


bAlarm = false;





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How to use SH-HC-08 Bluetooth Module

You need prepare:
SH-HC-08       1pcs
Serial Module  1pcs
SerialPort software

SH-HC-08 Bluetooth Module                               CP2102 (set to 5V)
RXD                                                                                     TXD
TXD                                                                                      RXD
GND                                                                                      GND
VCC                                                                                      5V

Download APP:
IOS is HM10 bluetooth serial lite, you can search it in APP Store
Android is DSD TECH Bluetooth, you can search it in Google Play

Open APP in your phone, open serial port software in your computer, then you can send and receive message between your phone and computer
For example, you enter message on your phone: hi, then you will see hi in the SerialPort software

DIYmall 2 Channel Relay Module GSM Remote Control Switch SMS Manual

Before using this device, please send a text message for authorization first. Then you can send a message command to control relay.

Authorized number configuration: This system supports up to 3 authorization numbers. Format:*code*# N Authorized number #, after setup successfully, the device will reply, SMS Content is: User(N) Number: number is set ok.
For example, if system code is 123456, and you want to set the first authorized number is 18846919911, you can send the SMS:*123456*#118846919911#
The device will reply, content is: User1 Number: 18846919911 is set ok! The new authorization number is saved in the device; and you want to set the second authorized number is 18846919900, you can send the SMS:*123456*#218846919900#
The device will reply, content is: User2 Number: 18846919900 is set ok!. The new authorization number is saved in the device.

Code configuration: Format: *6 old code number**6 new code number*. After setup successfully, the device will reply, SMS Content is: SYS Code: 6 new code numbers set ok. For example, if system code is 123456, you want to revise the new code is 666666, send the SMS:*123456**666666*
The device will reply, content is: SYS Code: 666666 Set OK. Note that only authorized number can change the code. The new code is saved in the device.

The cell phone SMS control
Relay1 On command: ON1, after successful setup, the device will reply SMS is: REALY1 set on! For example, send the SMS: ON1. Relay status will be saved

Relay1 Off command: OFF1, after successful setup, the device will reply, SMS Content is: REALY1 set off! Send the SMS: CMOF. Relay status will be saved

Relay2 On command: ON2, after successful setup, the device will reply SMS is: REALY2 set on! For example, send the SMS: ON2. Relay status will be saved

Relay2 Off command: OFF2, after successful setup, the device will reply, SMS Content is: REALY2 set off! Send the SMS: OFF2. Relay status will be saved

System status query instruction: STA. For example, sends the SMS: STA. The device will reply the state of two relay

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SIM800L GPRS GSM Module DIYmall

What you need 
SIM800L module X 1
GSM Antenna X  1
CP2102 Module X 1
Several Cables
DC Power Supply
Software SSCOM3.2

NOTE: The input voltage is  3.7-4.2V


SIM800L      CP2102         DC Power Supply
TX                   RX
RX                   TX
GND                GND             GND
VCC                         VCC( 3.7-4.2V)

Open software SSCOM3.2, then you can send AT command:

For more AT command, please download from this link

Where to buy?
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sim5320e 3G expansion board AT command make call receive call

input voltage: 5-9V, input current: above 1A, earphone: android(please do not use iphone earphone, otherwise you can not hear voice in your phone)

Power the board:
Power the adapter and USB cable, the PWR led will turn on

Start the board:
Press the power swith for about 3 seconds to start the board, you will see the STA led and NET led will turn on too

Install the driver:
You will see the port in the device manage as below

This means you need install the SIM5320 driver, you can right click SimTech SIM5320 to install the driver manually, the drive in the this file

Once the driver installed, it will show:

Open software SSCOM3.2, you can find the software in document:

ATD18576406709;  means make call from board to phone
ATH means hangs off the phone
The process of making call from phone to board: call the board, once the message show: RING in the window, send ATA. If  the call failed, please send these command again:AT+CSQ and AT+COPS?

SIM5320E Document link

aliexpress  link

JSN-SR04T Waterproof Ultrasonic Module Sensor DIYmall


JSN-SR04T           Arduino
5V                                5V
Trig                               D3
Echo                             D2
GND                              GND

JSN-SR04T arduino code:

#define ECHOPIN 2// Pin to receive echo pulse
#define TRIGPIN 3// Pin to send trigger pulse
void setup(){
  pinMode(ECHOPIN, INPUT);
  digitalWrite(ECHOPIN, HIGH);
void loop(){
  digitalWrite(TRIGPIN, LOW); // Set the trigger pin to low for 2uS
  digitalWrite(TRIGPIN, HIGH); // Send a 10uS high to trigger ranging
  digitalWrite(TRIGPIN, LOW); // Send pin low again
  int distance = pulseIn(ECHOPIN, HIGH,26000); // Read in times pulse
  distance= distance/58;
  Serial.println("   cm");                    
  delay(50);// Wait 50mS before next ranging


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U-blox 7 vk-172 gps module can not get correct readings

Recently, one customer complained:

I bought a U-blox 7 from you and I’m giving it some tests right now and I’m not getting correct readings from it. I’m an application developer and I had to add a compensation element to both latitude and longitude in order to get “correct” readings from it.

GPS data to google data need conversion

Here is the link about how to do it

1.5’’ oled SSD1351 128X128

1.5’’ oled                   Arduino uno r3
GND                                   GND
VCC                                    3.3V
SCL                                     2
SDA                                     3
RES                                     6
DS                                       4
CS                                       5

HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 with USB to TTL Module DIYmall

Use IOS app: HM10 Bluetooth Serial Lite
Software: SerialPort

You can connect the HM10 bluetooth module with USB to TTL module, then you can send message from your iphone to SerialPost windows

HM-10               usb to TTL module
VCC                         5V
GND                        GND
TXD                         RXD
RXD                         TXD

Open Bluetooth on iphone , ipen HM10 Bluetooth Serial Lite APP and software SerialPort, you can type message in the APP, then the message will be send to SerialPort windows