How to connect esp8266 01s to DIYmall UNO R3 (compatible with arduino)

Today, we will learn how to connect esp8266 01s to uno r3 and send AT command

Here is the connection:

uno r3               breadboard              esp-01s
3.3V                      red line
GND                      blue line
RESET                 blue line
RXD                                                        RXD
TXD                                                        TXD

blue line                  GND
red line                    VCC

Once you finish connection, it will like this

Then you can open arduino IDE, Tools—-serial monitor to open the window , the default baud rate is 115200, please choose 115200 and Both NL & CR
Type AT in the message field and press enter  and you will get OK response

Any question please feel free to contact


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