How to use SH-HC-08 Bluetooth Module

You need prepare:
SH-HC-08       1pcs
Serial Module  1pcs
SerialPort software

SH-HC-08 Bluetooth Module                               CP2102 (set to 5V)
RXD                                                                                     TXD
TXD                                                                                      RXD
GND                                                                                      GND
VCC                                                                                      5V

Download APP:
IOS is HM10 bluetooth serial lite, you can search it in APP Store
Android is DSD TECH Bluetooth, you can search it in Google Play

Open APP in your phone, open serial port software in your computer, then you can send and receive message between your phone and computer
For example, you enter message on your phone: hi, then you will see hi in the SerialPort software

HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 with USB to TTL Module DIYmall

Use IOS app: HM10 Bluetooth Serial Lite
Software: SerialPort

You can connect the HM10 bluetooth module with USB to TTL module, then you can send message from your iphone to SerialPost windows

HM-10               usb to TTL module
VCC                         5V
GND                        GND
TXD                         RXD
RXD                         TXD

Open Bluetooth on iphone , ipen HM10 Bluetooth Serial Lite APP and software SerialPort, you can type message in the APP, then the message will be send to SerialPort windows