SIM7100A 4G Development Board for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIYmall

1 .  Connect the board like this, one micro usb cable to computer, power the SIM7100A board ( pins is supply and GND, you can use DC Power supply to power the board . Power supply voltage:5V-18V, current  about 1.0A, you can adjust the current until the PWR LED turn on

2 . Download document link
User name and password is diymall

3 . Press the switch   until the 2 LEDs turn on (PWR and STA)

4 . Open device manager, then you will see

5 . Right click to install the driver, you need install the driver manually, find the driver file and install it for about 5 times ( you need choose the right system file)

6 . Then the computer will inform you to install the driver, just click and install the driver . After installing, please find the COM port in the device manager

7 . Open SIMCom Wireless Kit software, choose the Simtech Hs-USB AT Port 9001 (here is COM23), click open port, you can input AT commands in the e.g blank place, like AT, ATI

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