sim5320e 3G expansion board AT command make call receive call

input voltage: 5-9V, input current: above 1A, earphone: android(please do not use iphone earphone, otherwise you can not hear voice in your phone)

Power the board:
Power the adapter and USB cable, the PWR led will turn on

Start the board:
Press the power swith for about 3 seconds to start the board, you will see the STA led and NET led will turn on too

Install the driver:
You will see the port in the device manage as below

This means you need install the SIM5320 driver, you can right click SimTech SIM5320 to install the driver manually, the drive in the this file

Once the driver installed, it will show:

Open software SSCOM3.2, you can find the software in document:

ATD18576406709;  means make call from board to phone
ATH means hangs off the phone
The process of making call from phone to board: call the board, once the message show: RING in the window, send ATA. If  the call failed, please send these command again:AT+CSQ and AT+COPS?

SIM5320E Document link

aliexpress  link