USB GPS Module

The GPS module with USB interface works with windows, mac, linux, android, Raspberry Pi and some cars.

General links for reference:

Android driver link:
Ublox u-center software:
Mac, linux and raspberry pi , no need driver
How it works on MAC? Here is the reference link:
Raspberry pi setup link:
USB Sensor driver for WIN10:

Set up the u-center easily by following simple steps:

1, Download u-center from the official website:
Choose “For M9 products and below: Download u-center, v22.02”
You can download u-center user guide, too.

2, When you are installing u-center, you will found the driver will be installed at the same time.

3, After installed the u-center, insert the USB GPS module into the PC USB port.  You can identify the COM port of the GPS module in device manager.

4, Open ublox u-center. Click and choose COM port, please put the USB GPS module near the window or use it outdoor.

The USB GPS module also works with google earth.

1, Download google earth from website:

2, Open google earth, then click Tools-GPS

3, In the new window, choose Realtime, click Automatically follow the path, then click start.


USB GPS Module purchase links:

1, VK-172 USB GPS Dongle ( chip G7020-KT )

2, M8N GPS Module ( chip M8030 )

3, VK-162 USB GPS Module ( chip G7020-KT )

4, VK-162 GPS Dongle ( chip G7020-KT )

5, VK-162 G-Mouse USB GPS Module ( chip M8030 )

6, VK-162 USB GPS Module ( chip G7020-KT, with CP2102 )



If you have any questions, or need customize any GPS modules, please feel free to contact us by email:




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