DIYmall AS3935 Lightning Detector Sensor

What you need:
1PCS Arduino UNO
1PCS USB Cable
1PCS AS3935 Light Sensor
6P Female to Male Dupont Cable

AS3935       Arduino UNO
VCC                   5V
GND                  GND
SCL                   A5
SDA                  A4
IRQ                    D5

First you need use IIC.ino to find the IIC address of the AS3935 sensor

Then you need change IIC address in the AE_AS3935DEMO-.ino, upload the code and open the serial monitor, please choose 9600 baud.
In my case, I changed the Line 11 and Line 66 to 0x03

11 #define AS3935_ADRS 0x03 66 Wire.write(0x03);

Below is the result

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