DIYmall AS3935 Lightning Detector Sensor

What you need:
1PCS Arduino UNO
1PCS USB Cable
1PCS AS3935 Light Sensor
6P Female to Male Dupont Cable

AS3935       Arduino UNO
VCC                   5V
GND                  GND
SCL                   SCL
SDA                   SDA
IRQ                    PIN2
SI                        PIN9
CS                      GND

Code download link:

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DIYmall 0.96’’ OLED works with NodeMCU

What you need:
1PCS 0.96” OLED
4P Female to Female Dupont Cable

0.96” OLED               Nodemcu
VCC                                 3V3
GND                                GND
SCL                                 D1
SDA                                D2

Code download link:

Once download, please choose ssd1306_128X64_i2c in the example, in the code, there are 2 lines you need change as below:

#define OLED_RESET -1 // Reset pin # (or -1 if sharing Arduino reset pin)

if(!display.begin(SSD1306_SWITCHCAPVCC, 0x3C)) { // Address 0x3D for 128×64

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ESP8266 0.96 inch OLED Display with Arduino IDE

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