Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor with Arduino

DIYmall Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor with Arduino

What you need:
1PCS Arduino UNO R3
1PCS USB Cable
1PCS Fingerprint Sensor
1Set Dupont Cable



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DoHome Homekit Smart Plug

This DoHome smart plug can work with iPhone’s Home APP,¬† and you can control other devices via Siri directly

How to add the smart plug in Home APP?

When you plug it in and turn it on, you will look in your Wifi settings section for a device called HomeKit_XXXX. This is the DoHome plug

Connect to it.

Then the wifi network list will pop up automatically
If the list did not pop up, please open a browser and point to The DoHome plug will then present you with a list of Wifi Networks that it sees.

Choose the one the you normally use, and supply the password. You should be returned to your browser, because the plug is on your regular network.

Use the HomeKit app in IOS to find your plug to add.

Add Accessory
I don’t have a code or cannot scan
You should see your device labeled Switch-YYXXXX, where XXXX match the letters of the original DoHome network
Manual Code 12345678

Then the Switch-YYXXXX in your Home APP, you can change the name Switch-YYXXXX by yourself

Now, you can control it via Siri
Such as:
Hi Siri, turn off the switch
Hi Siri, turn on the switch

NOTE: The network must be 2.4Ghz, this plug can not work 5Ghz

Here is the product page:


Any question please email sales@diymalls.com